Breaking News! – Clinics

In 2017 we’ll also be welcoming back German open water distance specialists Alex and Beatrix Studzinski to assist with the Pro-clinics!

Alex is a world-class professional marathon swimmer with an extensive honour roll. He’s won marathon swims from Croatia (the Faros Maratón), to Brazil (King of the Sea), multiple German National Championships at 25 km and the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup at the 59th annual Traversée internationale du lac St‐Jean in Roberval, Quebec, Canada.

Beatrix has had success in the pool at German National level (100 & 200 fly, medley relays) but has also wandered the globe to compete in some of the toughest events there are. Having come 1st and 3rd in editions of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim she’s also made regular appearances at the ‘Great Swim’ series in the U.K. and in 2014 won the Women’s race at the Henley Classic (Alex won the Men’s!)

Their mixture of German efficiency and infectious enthusiasm for swimming makes them a formidable team!

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Breaking News – Clinics

We’ll be joined at our Pool Pro-Clinics on Monday 29th and Wednesday 31st May by Menorca to Mallorca swim record holder Teresa Planas!

The shortest distance between the two islands is 21.3 nautical miles (39.8k) & Teresa’s record swim took “only” 12hrs 18mins 42secs!

Teresa will also be on deck for the ‘Post-flight Swimdown’ on Saturday 27th May!

We’re welcoming Teresa back to the BEST Centre and BEST Fest and we hope you’ll join her for some technique tips and structured training sets.

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Breaking News! – SWIM SMOOTH Offer

Why not come a few days before racing?

Swim Smooth logoHot on the heels of running a SwimSmooth coaches course at the BEST Centre immediately before BEST Fest and hosting a 1-day Swim Clinic in our 50m pool on Saturday 27th May, we’re excited to announce SwimSmooth founder Paul Newsome and Coach Adam Young will also be getting stuck into our Pro-clinics!

You can join them for technique tricks and tips at the open water clinic on Monday 29th and the pool clinic on Wednesday 31st – A unique and valuable opportunity to perfect your stroke and SwimSmooth!

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‘Olympian Talk’ with Keri-anne Payne and David Carry.

keri-anne-payne-pic-getty-images-388572500Olympic medallist and Team GB star Keri-anne Payne will be poolside 3-5pm on Saturday 27th May (registration day!) to guide BEST Fest swimmers through a ‘Post-flight Swimdown’! (It’s free, just pop in!)

She’ll also be presenting an ‘Olympians Talk’ at the BEST Fest BBQ on Tuesday 30th (tickets available via the entry system or on arrival/registration)

And you’ll also catch her co-hosting one of our open water pro-clinics on Wednesday 31st!! (Sign up at registration!)

Having been at BEST Fest as a swimmer, Keri-anne is returning with her new venture ‘Triscape’.

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