Your Safety is Our Priority! (New for 2019)

In addition to our fully qualified medical team, powered safety boats and large flotilla of vigilant safety kayakers, for 2019 we’ve introduced some new guidelines to help improve your safety at BEST Fest. We’ve adopted temperature based wetsuit rules for the Colonia Classics in line with FINA guidelines (see ‘Wetsuits’ info in each of the event info pages) and we now also recommend the use of high visibility tow floats.

These are recommended for all our Challenge swims and will also be permitted in the non-Elite categories of the Colonia Classics..

We’ll have tow floats available to purchase thanks to our sponsors HEAD, and the innovative RESTUBE safety buoy will also be available for those of you looking for a tow float alternative – both of these products will offer you immediate buoyancy and make you more visible to our safety team in the unlikely event you experience difficulties. Your safety is our priority, we’re sure it’s also yours!


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