General Information


For the purposes of the ‘Colonia Classics’ the following headline categories will apply for ‘on the day’ race medals in ‘skins’ and ‘wetsuit’ categories;

  • Elite Junior Male
  • Elite Junior Female
  • Elite Senior Male
  • Elite Senior Female
  • Non-Elite Junior Male
  • Non-Elite Junior Female
  • Non-Elite Senior Male*
  • Non-Elite Senior Female*

*The ‘overall’ Colonia Classics series’ prizes will be awarded to ‘skins’ swimmers only using the same categories listed above with the exception of the Non-Elite Senior Males & Non-Elite Senior Females. These will be awarded in sub-categories according to the following age bands; 18-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60+ years (age as of 31st December 2024).


  • ‘Tell me Your Time’ offers podium prizes to Male and Female categories only.
  • ‘220 Triathlon Corberana Challenge’ offers podium prizes in Male and Female, wetsuit & non-wetsuit categories.


‘Relay’ events have the following categories:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed
  • Family


An ‘Elite’ swimmer is considered to be;

· “Any swimmer of any age who has been selected for and/or who has represented any National Federation, as an individual, or as part of a team, within the last 3 years.”

A ‘Junior’ swimmer is considered to be;

· At least 14 years old on the date of the event.

· Under the age of 18 on 31st December 2024.

A ‘Senior’ swimmer is considered to be;

· 18 years old, or older on 31st December 2024.