Es Carbo Italian Volcano
3K – 29st May 2024

Event type: Challenge.
Distance: 3km Point-to-Point.
Date: Wednesday 29th May 2024.
Start time: Leave the Port Beach @ 09.45 am. Swim start @ 10.30 am.
Please note, as this is a virgin beach there is a 30-45 minute walk to the start point. Swimmers must walk with the event staff, leaving at 09.45am from the Port Beach. This is to ensure we log all swimmers timing chips and arrive at the correct start point! Please do not walk independently!
Start point: Es Carbo beach, swimming back to the Port Beach.
Please arrive at the Port Beach no later than 09.30am to allow adequate time to register & walk to the start point.
Entry fee: 45 euros: Early bird price before 31.12.2023 / 50 euros: Standard price.
This is a CHIP TIMED event.
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Description: This challenge starts at the stunning Es Carbo beach a 30-45 minute walk from the port of Colonia Sant Jordi. The walk alongside the protected Sa Vall finca will be part of your warm up as you get ready to swim back past a series of small islands and over fascinating sites including piles of broken roman pottery used as ballast by ancient boats. You’ll also swim through a short section of cooler water where an underground stream enters the sea water. Keep an eye out along the Es Carbo (‘carbon’ or ‘coal’) beach for small black volcanic rocks swept to the beach by sea currents from Italy.
On arrival back at the Port Beach we’ll have an early & hearty FREE LUNCH waiting for you; a selection of freshly prepared local Paella’s! There is no greater reward for exercise than food, and no greater Spanish food than Paella – especially when it contains locally sourced ingredients…..grab a plate and get stuck in!

Important info: As there is a walk to the start of the race from the port beach, please allow enough time to arrive at the start. You can walk with some of the organisers at 09.45am leaving from the Port Beach. Bags and personal belongings will be transported back to the finish line for all entrants but we advise travelling light!
Depending on the number of entrants and for reasons of safety, this event may be swum in separate ‘speed groups’ comprising swimmers of similar speed/ability. For this reason you will be asked during the entry process to indicate a preferred group should this approach be used. The options available are not necessarily representative of the speed at which the group will swim, but will be used to determine groups of similar ability. Speed group selection will be reconfirmed on the beach by the entry team immediately prior to the swim.
This is a CHIP TIMED event. You need to make sure you have your chip with you. If you have already taken part in an event, you’ll have a chip already – if not, you will receive your chip with your goody bag when you sign in, or when you enter the event as a late entrant.
Tow floats are recommended but not compulsory for this event.

Prizes: To be drawn by beach-side raffle immediately following the conclusion of the event; further details to be confirmed. See all the information.

Feeding stations: There are no feeding stations for this event however safety kayakers and boats will have water & energy supplements available if required.

Registration: Registration of attendance and goody bag collection takes place on Saturday 25th of May at the BEST Centre. Late arrivals may collect their goody bag on the morning of the event at the start beach.
Late entries for this event will be accepted at the event village for 1 hour immediately after the ‘Tell Me Your Time’ event on Tuesday afternoon, 28th May. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AT THE POOL ON TUESDAY 30th. No entries for this event will be accepted once the event staff have left the Port Beach.
Entrants must reconfirm their entry by signing in, immediately prior to each event.

Declaration: All swimmers are obliged to sign a declaration saying they are capable of swimming 3km. Existing medical conditions and medicines being taken at the time of the swim must also be declared for safety & insurance reasons.

Health & Safety: There will be a swimmers safety brief immediately prior to the event. Unless otherwise stated this will take place at the start point. Entrants must attend.
Water depth on this event will be between 2m and 10m.
Water temperature will be around 18/19C, but is variable based on weather patterns and water depth.

Medical Cover: Fully qualified medical cover is available during the event via safety boats and also at the start/finish points. Any illnesses or injuries occurring as a consequence of participation must be reported as soon as possible to the event medical team.

Wetsuits: Optional.

Start & finish: This will be a mixed beach start and on ‘on the beach’ finish.

Refreshments: There will be a selection of free refreshments available at the finish point. Please take rehydration and nutrition seriously to ensure rapid and full recovery.

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Es Carbo




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