Colonia Classic 3 – Es Trenc Beach race
7/10K – 30th May 2024

Event Type: Race.
Distance: 7km and 10km options. Anti-Clockwise direction.
Date: Thursday 30th May 2024.
Start Time: 10.00 am.
Start Point: Starting at the Marques beach, to the right of the Marques Hotel. Please arrive at Marques beach no later than 09.30am.
Entries: 65 euros: Early bird price before 31.12.2023 / 70 euros: Standard price.
This is a CHIP TIMED event
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Health and Safety

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Start & finish


Description: This is the longest race in the Colonia Classics and runs alongside one of Europe’s most well-known beaches, Es Trenc, famous for its incredible stretch of beautiful sand and the amazing turquoise water. The race is a “there and back” multi-lap loop – the number of laps swum depending on the distance entered.
Important information: Due to its popularity, we’ve kept the 10km option! For safety reasons, there are some restrictions to 10km entry – see ‘Health and Safety‘ tab)
This is a CHIP TIMED event. You need to make sure you have your chip with you. If you have already taken part in an event, you’ll have a chip already – if not, you will receive your chip with your goody bag when you sign in, or when you enter the event as a late entrant.

Restrictions: 10km distance entrants MUST be capable of swimming this distance. We have no means to confirm this, therefore swimmers MUST use their common sense – ask yourself; have you previously swum this distance in competition or training? Are you fit enough and physically acclimatised to prolonged exposure in cool water?
In addition, we recommend that you are able to swim at a pace no less than 3km per hour – see ‘Health and Safety’ below.
Please take no chances with your own safety, of your fellow swimmers or of the event staff that may be required to attend your emergency; if in doubt, apply caution and enter the 7km race!
Swimmers results will be aligned to the event distance they have entered; no switching between distances will be permitted during the event. A swimmer who does not complete the distance they have entered will appear in the results as ‘DNF’ and a time may not be registered. They will also not be eligible for positional, podium or overall Colonia Classics points or prizes.

Prizes: Additional prizes be drawn by beach-side raffle immediately following the conclusion of the event; further details to be confirmed. See all the information..

Feeding stations: There will be a feeding station for this event (see course map), however safety kayakers and boats will also have water & energy supplements available if required.

Registration: Registration of attendance and goody bag collection takes place on Saturday 25th of May at the BEST Centre. Late arrivals may collect their goody bag on the morning of the event at the start beach.
Late entries for this event will be accepted at the BEST Centre between 3.00pm and 4.00pm on Wednesday 29th May. No entries will be accepted after this time.
Entrants must reconfirm their entry by signing in, immediately prior to each event.

Declaration: All swimmers are required to complete and sign a declaration confirming their ability to complete a 7km/10km swim. Existing medical conditions and medicines being taken at the time of the swim must also be declared for safety & insurance reasons.

Health and Safety: There will be a swimmers safety brief immediately prior to the event. Unless otherwise stated this will take place at the start point. Entrants must attend.
Water depth on this event will vary between 0m and 20m.
Water temperature will be around 18/19C, but variable based on weather patterns and water depth.
For the safety of 10km swimmers, a cut-off time of 4 hours will be used for the completion of the swim. A swimmer who will clearly not complete the course within the chosen limit will be asked to leave the water early.

Medical cover: Fully qualified medical cover is available during the event via safety boats and also at the start/finish points. Any illnesses or injuries occurring as a consequence of participation must be reported as soon as possible to the event medical team.

Wetsuits: Use of wetsuits and/or the use of swimwear that includes neoprene as an element of construction is OPTIONAL, however… If an entrant chooses to wear a wetsuit/neoprene, they will be eligible for ‘on the beach’ podium prizes in the relevant Wetsuit categories only. Their time/position will not accrue points towards the overall ‘Colonia Classics’ points competition, which is open to ‘skins’ swimmers only – please see the ‘Categories’, ‘Points’ and ‘Prizes’ sections for additional details.

Start & finish: This event will use an ‘in the water’ start and an ‘in water’ finish.
Swimmers will be called to enter the water and to take up their start position approximately 5 minutes before the race start. The ‘in the water’ start requires all swimmers to line up as directed by the Chief Referee/Starter (who will be positioned in a boat and will issue instructions to swimmers once they have entered the water).
A floating finish will be used. Swimmers must pass underneath the finish gantry, touching the suspended timing pad firmly to register a finish time. It is recommended that swimmers proceed promptly to the beach to enable back up times and positions to be recorded.
Start and finish procedures will also be explained at the pre-race briefing.
As this event has two distances available, separate waves of swimmers may be used; this will be confirmed at the beachside safety brief.

Refreshments: There will be a selection of free refreshments available at the finish point. Please take rehydration and nutrition seriously to ensure rapid and full recovery.

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