The BEST Fest will take place in the town of Colonia Sant Jordi in Mallorca from May 26th to June 2nd, 2018 and will feature 8 different open water events for swimmers of all abilities. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced swimmer, you can enjoy a fabulous week of swimming, and learn from some of the world’s best open water athletes.

We will be giving technique sessions and open water master-classes as well as competing in some of the week’s races. Clinics and pool sessions will take place in the world renowned Elite Swimming centre, the BEST Centre, which is located in the town. The BEST Centre has hosted numerous training camps for Olympic and world champions and is an ideal location for learning top open water tips.


Who can come to the festival?

Basically anyone who likes swimming in the sea or open water. We’ll have races and events of many different levels and challenges, so whether you want to race, enjoy, improve your fitness or simply challenge yourself, there’s definitely something for everyone.

What if I can’t make it the entire week?

Take a look at the schedule and pick an event or two that you would really like to do and then just make it for those days. We certainly don’t expect people to enter all 8 events!

As well as traditional point to point swims and open water races with prize money, the festival will include family races, Open Water Clinics with elite athletes, conferences and other open water based activities.

Colònia Sant Jordi

The waters between Colonia Sant Jordi and the Cabrera archipelago were Spain’s first Marine Conservation area, and the festival will promote the unique marine environment off our coastline.

The week-long festival showcases some traditional Mallorquin food and drink, ensaimadas, paella, BBQ and sangria all making an appearance. Our local restaurants and bars are some of the best in Spain and for those swimmers making a holiday out of their trip all of the nearby hotels are within walking distance of the Best Centre pool and BEST Fest event locations. We’ve even negotiated some exclusive discounts at all of our partner hotels in Colonia Sant Jordi!