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2.5K – 28th May 2019

Event type: Challenge.
Distance: 2.5km Anti-Clockwise direction.
Date: Tuesday 28th May, 2019.
Start time: 3.00 pm (Unless otherwise stated).
Start place: Starting and ending at the Port Beach. Please arrive at the Port Beach no later than 2.45 pm.
Entry fee: 35 euros.
This is a CHIP TIMED event.


Important info 



Feeding stations 



Health & Safety 

Medical Cover 


Start & finish 


Description: This event is not about speed or endurance, it’s about pace, and knowing what speed you are going. Everyone will be asked what time they are going to swim for the 2 lap, 2.5 km distance. The closest to their predicted time will win. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and by the way, we’ll be checking people for waterproof watches before they start!
From 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm you will need to give us your predicted time. From 3 pm to 3.15 pm you can set off at any time on your swim.

Important info: This is a TIMING CHIP event. You need to make sure you have your chip with you. If you have already taken part in the Colonia Classics you’ll have a chip already – if not, you will receive your chip with your goody bag when you register, or when you enter the event as a late entrant.
Tow floats are recommended but not compulsory for this event.

Prizes: Medals will be awarded to the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers for this event.
Additional prizes to be drawn by beach-side raffle immediately following the conclusion of the event; further details to be confirmed See all the information.

Feeding stations: There are no feeding stations for this event however safety kayakers and boats will have water & energy supplements available if required.

Registration: Registration and goody bag collection takes place from Saturday 25th of May at the BEST Centre. Late arrivals may register their arrival, collect their goody bag etc on the afternoon of the event at the start beach.
Late entries for this event will be accepted at the BEST Centre between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm on Monday 27th May. No entries will be accepted after this time except at the discretion of the entry team.
Entrants must reconfirm their entry on the beach, immediately prior to each event.

Declaration: All swimmers are obliged to sign a declaration saying they are capable of swimming 2.5km. Existing medical conditions and medicines being taken at the time of the swim must also be declared for safety & insurance reasons.

Health & Safety: There will be a swimmers safety brief immediately prior to the event. Unless otherwise stated this will take place at the start point. Entrants must attend.
Water depth on this event will be between 0 and 6 m.
Water temperature will be around 19º C but is variable based on weather patterns and water depth.

Medical Cover: Fully qualified medical cover is available during the event via safety boats and also at the start/finish points. Any illnesses or injuries occurring as a consequence of participation must be reported as soon as possible to the event medical team.

Wetsuits: Optional.

Start & finish: This will be a beach start with swimmers leaving any time during a 15 minute ‘window’ starting at 3pm, the finish will be ‘on the beach’.

Refreshments: There will be a selection of free refreshments available at the finish point. Please take rehydration and nutrition seriously to ensure rapid and full recovery.

Route map


”Swimmers must pass between buoys 1 & 5 (coloured pink on the map) on their way out for the 1st lap, and also at the end of the 2nd lap on their way in towards the finish. At the turn between laps 1 and 2, swimmers must keep boys 1 & 5 on their left, passing around both”.

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